Solar road studs manufacturer in india

we are the leading Solar road studs manufacturer in india .Sun-powered Road Studs and Road Reflectors India, We are making entire deal providers of Solar Studs in India. Our Solar street Studs are broadly utilized as Road Reflectors in India. We are Suppliers Solar Road Lights and Road Stud Reflectors in India and our Solar Powered Studs are broadly utilized as a part of Highways and Airports. Our Road Studs are broadly utilized as a part of Indian Airports.

Why Use Solar Road Studs?

Sun-powered Solar Road Studs decrease around half light contamination contrasted with traditional lighting frameworks and utilize less vitality as contrasted with customary vitality frameworks. Driven lighting can be coordinated to the correct purpose of where light is required and consequently lessening the aggregate vitality prerequisite. Sun oriented Road Studs is known as creative vitality answer for expanded permeability and street security and enlightening roadways and different regions. Solar road studs manufacturer in india. Sunlight based Solar Road Studs cut down street mischances amid night. It is additionally best to bring down a person on foot mischances and best for walker intersections, hindrances, and movement convergences. Intelligent Road Studs are broadly utilized for expanded permeability while keeping the glare at a base level. Sun based Solar Road Studs are ordinarily utilized for a more noteworthy vision. Street Studs can be settled effectively and don’t require power and best for every single climate condition.

Pick the Best Solar Road Studs Manufacturers in India

Shiv safety Solutions produces and supplies the best quality high-pressure obstruction Solar Road Studs profoundly suited for various applications agreeing to the prerequisite. Our Solar Road Studs are perfect for Indian Weather and Road conditions. Shiv safety Solutions Make Solar Road Studs are best reasonable for country zaps as studs are extremely viable in lighting up the rustic regions as it doesn’t require power
Highlights and Technical Specifications of Solar Road Studs
  • Sun oriented Panel: 2V/100MA Mono crystalline
  • Capacity: 1.2V/600MAH Hi-temperature Ni-MH Battery
  • Lighting Time: 100h after completely charged
  • Work Mode Flashed for 90times every moment or Stable
  • Driven Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White
  • Driven Qty: 6PCS Diameter 5mm High Brightness LED
  • Visual Distance: >800meters
  • Turn on Light Intensity: 400-500Lux
  • Life expectancy: 3-5years
  • Work Temperature: – 20℃ – +80℃
  • Material: Anti-UV PC+Aluminum
  • Item Size: 110*97*24mm,N.W:310g
  • Ensure Level: IP68
  • Weight Resistance in static: >20 Tons
Sun based Road Studs and Road Reflectors in Mumbai
Shiv safety Solutions is one of the main Solar Road Studs Manufactures in India. We are an outstanding Solar Road Studs Supplier in Mumbai. Our Solar Powered Studs are exceptionally intended for Mumbai Weather conditions. Shiv safety Solutions lights are broadly utilized as Road Reflectors all through Mumbai

Utilization of Solar Road Studs and Road Reflectors:

Sun based Solar Road Studs for Residential Projects: Perfect for Villa Projects and Flats. Sun based Solar Road Studs for Hospitals and Hotels: Redo street studs for the utilization of Hospitals, Hotels and other business buildings. Sunlight based Solar Road Studs for Airport Runways: Generally utilized as a part of Airport Runways Sunlight based Solar Road Studs for Road Safety: A perfect answer for enhancing street security Sunlight based Solar Road Studs for Road Safety: A perfect answer for enhancing street security Sunlight based street Solar road studs in India are generally utilized as a part of Runways, Highways and furthermore utilized as a part of Residential manor ventures, Flats, Hospitals and Shopping Malls and so forth Sun oriented Solar Road Studs for Petrol Pumps: Sun-powered Solar Road Studs are generally utilized as a part of Petrol Pumps Mercifully Contact us at the best Cost of Solar Road Studs in India

Sunlight based Solar Road Studs – We are the Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler, Solar Road Studs Contractor, Road Safety Solution Provider and Installation Service supplier of Solar Road Marker/Solar Road Studs from Mumbai to all finished India. Sun oriented Road Studs are utilized for Road Construction Contractors on Highway and Roadways for Safety and Solar Road Studs are blazing sunlight based cell fueled LED support free lighting gadgets utilized as a part of street development to depict street edges and centerlines. Installed in the street surface, they are an electronic change on the customary feline’s eyes in that they may give drivers in excess of a thirty-second response window contrasted and around 3 seconds for traditional intelligent gadgets. Shiv Safety Solutions is additionally Providing Road Studs Installation Service and Inclusive of Epoxy and Hardener, Fixing Charges, Transportation, Labor Charges and so on., Fixing will be managed without nails and utilizing epoxy tar based cement according to MORTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways), IRC and NHAI. Street studs additionally called as Cat Eyes, 3M Road Studs, 3m Cat Eyes, Solar Road Studs, Plastic Road Stud, ABS Road Stud, Aluminum Road Stud, Solar feline eyes, and sun oriented street stud with shank, Solar Road Studs without Shank.

Sun oriented Solar Road Stud 

Solar Road Studs Specifications:

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Estimate: L 125 x W 125 x H 25 (mm)

Length: 125 mm Width: 125 mm Height: 25 mm

Edge& Center Lane Marking.

Comp. Quality: 15 M Tons

No of Led’s: 6 LED’S per Piece.

Hues: according to Your necessity like Yellow, Red,etc..

Arrangement: Solar Aluminum Road Studs RPM are utilized to Road Construction Contractors on Highway and Roadways for Safety.

Sunlight based Cell – Poly-crystalline Silicon/single-drystalline silicon (3V, 75 mA)

Capacity battery – Ni-MH (1200 mAH)/Super capacitor (50f)

Light Source – Super Luminosity LED

Radiant Mode; Varying write/Constant Type

Work Time – More than 120 hrs for shifting kind or more 48 hrs for the steady sort

Work Circumstance – > – 5 to + 65 Degree

Ip rating; IP68

Administration Life; 2 Years (Ni – MH)

View Distance: Over 800 m

Course – Two-way Reflective.

Sunlight based Solar Road Studs have high power intelligent material (Reflective Lens or Warfare glass dots) for phenomenal permeability and execution. This can be used on overwhelming movement street for Center Lane Marking, Edge Lane Marking and Diversion of Road and so forth… These are metal body stud contain LED lights that are flickering in the night. By utilizing quality crude material we guarantee ideal execution at customers’ end. Our scope of sunlight based street studs begins blazing consequently at the season of the first light or at the season of the severe climate. Driven based item, intended to significantly enhance street well being for evening driving. The splendid blazing LEDs are exceptionally powerful at getting the consideration of the drivers – substantially sooner than ordinary (intelligent) street studs. It is suggested for use at Island nosing. Focal borderlines. Focus medians. Activity/Pedestrian intersection, Speed Breakers. Focus/Edge line stamping. Railroad crossing and so on.

Working Principle of Solar Road Studs: Solar boards of sun-powered street studs assimilate daylight amid the day and transform the sun oriented vitality into power and put away in the capacity gadgets (batteries or capacitors). At night, the power in the capacity gadget can be consequently changed over into light vitality (controlled by the photoelectric switch), through the LED light to demonstrate the way layout and guide seeing drivers.