Road barrier manufacturers in india

Barricade manufacturers and suppliers in india

We are the leading Road barrier manufacturers in india.

We make standard road barricades & customized road barricades as per requirement. We are the manufacturer of metal barricades.
We make standard metal barricades & customized metal barricades as per requirement.
Metal barricades are used on roads for safety, society school, colleges, theaters to prevent outsider parking.
Metal barricades are used as safety as well as advertisement also. One can stick sticker of company logo & name.

Size of metal barricades is Height 4 ft, Lenght 6 ft metal Sheet in the center 4 ft x 2 ft, 22 gauge weight approx 20 kg.

we are all type of Road barrier manufacturers in india.

Police barricades: size 6.5′ x 4′, 40 mm x 40 mm round pipe, 20 gauge

We are the best Road barrier manufacturers in india. We make standard road barricades & customized road barricades as per requirement.

Material – LLDPE

Size – 2000 (L) X 550 (W) X 1000 (H) mm
Display Board for Logo Printing size 545 (L) X 250 (H) mm
Color Available – Red / Yellow Stickers – White /Red Reflective stick

Road Barriers made from LLDPE UV Stabilised plastic material. It is 1 Pc
Construction of Size – 1850 mm L x 1800 mm H x 440 mm base Width
Black Color (Not Interlocking) With Reflective Stickers.Weight-30 Kg. It has
Option for Sand Filling & Huge Display Area.

Shiv safety solutions are the all type of Road barrier manufacturers in india

  • Metal barriers
  • Plastics barriers
  • metal barriers for police.

we are the best road barrier manufacturers in india. Coming in easy to handle construction finish, these Traffic Barriers find use in the demarcation of out of limit areas in temporary work zones.
These are also more convenient to the position, move and retrieve and are made available in

length of 1150 mm, the height of 800 mm,

the width of 500 mm.

Further, these come with hollow interior space that can be filled with water up to 22 Lts which helps in stabilizing the barriers in strong winds as well as in other adverse conditions.

As highly portable plastic traffic barricades, these prove to be a more stable option in comparison to posts, cones and other barricades being used. Some of the advantages it offers include the bigger size that adds to more caution paid by drivers, linear design, lift pockets at ends for easy movement, allows alignment in straight or curved position and the option of mounting flashers as per the requirement of clients.

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