Applicator of Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint in India

We are the leading Applicator of Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint in India.Thermoplastic is a mixture of glass beads, binder, pigment and filler materials. Thermoplastic road markings are found to be superior and economical than solvent based paints. Being raised above the road surface combined with the retro-reflectivity produced by the glass beads makes thermoplastic more visible from a distance even at night. Further it prevents lane cutting by imparting audible warning to the driver by providing corrugated rib markings wherever required. Thermoplastic road markings have 10 to 12 times longer life period compared to ordinary solvent based paint
Applicator of Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint in India

Shiv safety Solutions Is The Applicator of Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint in India.The hot melt thermoplastic road marking material shall generally conform the specifications as per BS 3262 part I and BS 3262 part II, 1989 or MOST. The salient and essential parts of specification are reproduced below.

Applicator of Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint in India

I Proportion of constituents mixture:

The proportion of the constituents of the mixture shall be as follows


Required limits


For BS 3262


Titanium dioxide


10% min

Binder Content

19 to 32%

18% min

Incorporated glass bead content

20% min

30% min

Aggregated pigment extender

77% to 81%



Manufacturer Of Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint in India

Glass beads: 

Shiv safety Solutions is the largest Manufacturer Of Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint in India . Solid glass beads to be incorporated in marking materials prior to application to road surface shall comply with Class ‘A’ requirements of BS 6088. Solid glass beads for additional surface reflectorisation shall comply with Class ‘B’ requirement of BS 6088. Surface spreading of glass bead shall be of minimum quantity of 250gms/Sq. Mt.


Grading: The grading of the aggregate pigment, extender in the marking material shall be as follows: 100% by mass passing through 2.8mm sieve. 65% to 95% by mass passing through 600 Micron sieve.

II Required properties of Marking Materials:

Drying Time: the drying time on bituminous and concrete surface shall be as follows:

Surface dry: 5 minutes.      Hard dry: 15 minutes.


Consistency: The material shall be in powder form and is to be applied in liquid form after heating to 1600C  ±50C. The flow property of the material is such that it ensures well defined lines and at the same time retains flow resistance to maintain required thickness. The flow resistance shall not be more than 25% in accordance to Appendix H of BS 3262 part I 1989.


Luminance factor: The luminance factor for white marking material shall not be less than 75%. The luminance factor in case of yellow marking material shall not be less than 50%. The softening point shall not be less than 940C. The luminance factor of white marking material sampled when tested for heat stability shall not be less than 70%. For yellow marking, the luminance factor after the test shall not be less than 45%. The skid resistance of white or yellow marking material shall not be less than 45 as per BS 3262.

III Performance requirements or Marking material

The road markings laid shall meet the performance requirement specified in the BS 3262 part II 1989. The wear index shall not exceed 35 at each regular inspection interval as per the Appendix D of BS 3262. The spread of the marking of each stripe measured between 600mm and 900mm from the near side kerb shall not have increased at each regular inspection intervals by more up to 10% of its initial value.


Durability: The road markings shall be highly durable in all weather and traffic condition. It shall last for a period of at least one year on concrete surface and two years on bitumen surface. The marking when tested shall show no sign of cracking, flaking, peeling off or disintegration.


Finish: The marking shall have a Matt to rough finish.

why shiv safety is the leading Applicator of Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint in India

We the”Shiv Safety Solutions” established in the year 1995 have shown tremendous progress as manufacturers, suppliers, importers, service providers & traders of various Road Safety Equipment and Traffic Safety Products. Our products cater to our customers’ varied tastes and are used in various shopping malls and complexes. We import from China & Korea. Our product are highly developed as per acceptable quality norms and the latest market trends. We always follow the latest industry guidelines and clients’ specifications. Our transparent business policies and perfect client coordination policies are our strengths and we hope to consistently serve our customers. Our sister concern Bharti Enterprises is also a supplier and provides constant support in our business thing providing the reason of Applicator of Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint in India

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